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Barry Tapster
Passed his (GoDan) 5th Dan Black Belt test in Portugal,
Well done Barry from
JKA Ireland / JKA Northern Ireland

February 28th Jka Northern Ireland

Man of the Hour and the Cork Rebel.

Jka Sensei Barry O Regan and His recent adventures 

Sensei Barry O Regan achieved 7th Dan JKA  under Ueki Shihan 10th Dan JKA in Belgium Recently, 

Veteran Kata Silver Medal Karate Ireland National Championships Dec 2019 

Ameer  from his  Jka's Rising Sun  School of karate In Cork Passes Shodan Grade. 

Rising Sun School in Competitions such as Karate Ireland Nationals and FSKA Championships Recently and all doing well

And a successful grading for His students. 

Sensei Barry O is a Grade A instructor from Jka Hq in Japan

as well as

  Qualified to instruct and train at national level

Qualified to be main judge and arbitrator for regional tournaments

Qualified to be chief judge for national tournaments

Qualified to be assistant judge for international tournaments

Started Karate in 1975 and doing his first Grade in 1976 with his latest Grade to 7th dan and still Competing  in competitions 43 years Later all we can say at Jka Ireland is wow and we are proud to have him as instructor, 

To Find Out more about Barry and His Dojos and Classes see the link below for Rising  School of Karate. 

Sligeach Shotokan Karate Club 

Puts Sligo on the map for Karate this month with their busy schedule and such huge rewards and benefits arising from it. 

informative trainings  and successful gradings. 45 students graded with 10 new students and 2 new ratifications. Our adult class had 14 brown belt and black belt students a credit to our club. Congrats to our newest Dan grade Kieran Kielty. Well done to Ashling Caldwell most improved student and Ciara Towey best grading of the day.

 Members of the club travelled to the Karate Ireland OPEN national championships on 1st December. The members performed to a high standard and  were competitive against many different styles of Karate for some of our members it was the 1st time on the national stage.

Sligeach were very proud of their competitor's performances on the day.

Congratulations to our club winners Isobel Gold Kumite and Team Kata Laoise Bronze Kumite and Gold Team Kata Lucas Silver Kumite and Gold Team Kata Keelan Silver Kata and Bronze Kumite and Silver team Kumite. Thank you to Shane Sensei and Keelan Sensei for training and support on the day.



Sensei Casey, Sensei O'Regan With Ameer

Ameer  from Jka's Rising Sun  School of karate In Cork  Joins the Jka Family of Shodan Black Belts.After a successful Grade over the weekend we would like to welcome Ameer to the family.


2019 JKA WF Europe  Seminar in Vilvoorde 15th to 17th November. Results 

Jka Northern Ireland Instructor Stephen Bell  passed  Jka  grading  in Belgium 🇧🇪 under Ueki Shihan 10th Dan, Chief Instructor of JKA.

 Dublin City Centre Dojo Instructor Liam Mc Quirk was successful in receiving  a  higher certificate in instruction.

Pictured on the right is some of Jka Ireland Finest.  Noel Casey, BarryORegan, Barry, Tapster, Liam Mc Quirk and Stephen Bell  Standing with Jka 10th Dan Ueki Chief Instructor of Jka 

Sensei Barry O Regan is Delighted to have achieved 7th Dan JKA  under Ueki Shihan 10th Dan JKA in Belgium and says Special thanks to My Sensei Noel Casey 7th Dan JKA and JKA Ireland 

2019 JKA WF Europe to host Seminar in Vilvoorde 15th to 17th November.

This very special event with Ueki Shuseki Shihan, Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association Headquarters World Federation with the assistance of Ogura Sensei, Acting Executive Director of the Japan Karate Association Headquarters World Federation and with the assistance of Bura Sensei, Technical Director JKA WF Europe.

UNIVERSITY of Limerick will host the Japan Karate Association (JKA) Global Championships next year from August 17 to 20. The original and largest organisation for Karate in the world, the JKA event will attract between 1,000 and 1,500 visitors. Up to 4,000 spectators are also expected to support competitors for a period of up to 10 days around the event. Click on on the link to read our full story from Our world Chmapionships 

The first Japan Karate Association (JKA) World Championships to be held in Ireland will take place at University of Limerick (UL) this weekend. In total, more than 2,500 people are expected to attend the championships which begin at UL Sport Arena on Friday. Competitors from 58 countries are participating in week-long activities run by JKA Ireland on the Limerick campus Click on the link below to read about when he held the jka world championship in Ireland. 


Karate for Teenagers 

Starts Tonight New class  in Sligo Dojo

New Class New  Dojo opens in Dublin 

 JKA Ireland Dublin Dojo club in the GAA HALL in Raheny village, Raheny Dublin. Hopefully we will have many students, and as they say. Mighty Oaks are growing from acorns.  If your interested in becoming a member please get in touch. 


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