Jka Ireland

Jka Ireland 

The Japan Karate Association of Ireland was founded by Sensei Noel Casey (7th Dan JKA Black Belt) in the early 70s. Over the years Sensei Casey's objective is to promote, teach and practice JKA Karate. This has been clearly demonstrated by hosting two major championship tournaments.

  • JKA 14th Funakoshi Gichin Cup World Championship 2017

  • JKA WF Karate European Championship 2016.

Sensei Casey has also brought many of the world's top karate instructors to Ireland. The list includes Sensei Ueki, Sensei Ochi, Sensei Naka, Sensei Okuma, Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Tomita, Sensei Otha, Sensei Yahara, Sensei Kase, Sensei Bura and many others. JKA Ireland is affiliated to Japan Karate Association Europe and Japan Karate Association World Federation


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